About BTH Bank

The BTH Bank Story

In October 2014, BTH Bank celebrated its 100 year anniversary! Our rich history can be traced back to William Lloyd who founded the bank in Quitman, Texas.

On January 16, 2013, BTH Bank embarked on a new business model. The bank added additional leadership talent and conducted an equity offering to elevate the capital of the bank. We are pleased to report that in December 2013 the bank added approximately 182 new shareholders who invested a total of $42 million in the bank. With an extensive and diverse shareholder base of approximately 600 owners, we believe that BTH Bank is one of the few true community banks in East Texas.

In December 2012, the bank had approximately $224 million in assets and $189 million in deposits. As of February 2015, total assets were $740.8 million and deposits grew to $661.5 million. As you can imagine, we are excited about the growth thus far and the outlook for the future.

The promise of exceptional service includes a commitment to offer customer beneficial products by giving customers what they want to the extent practical. We believe customers appreciate a fair and reasonable approach to banking. Our desire is to establish long term mutually beneficial relationships.

BTH Bank Plano!

In addition to our Dallas office, we are excited to announce our new location in Plano located in the southwest quadrant of Preston and Park. Our bankers in the Plano office are excited to share our philosophy on relationship banking with their customers and friends.