BTH Bank……..Distinctly Different

BTH Bank has over 102 years of history and maintains an equity ratio well above regulatory guidelines. In 2013, approximately 185 subscribers invested $42 million new equity into the bank. Those shareholders as well as the then approximately 400 existing shareholders have illustrated their respect and confidence for the strength, vision, and viability of the BTH Bank strategic plan and the bank leadership that guides the daily delivery of banking services. As of June 30, 2015, approximately 160 subscribers invested an additional almost $45 million thus bringing the bank's equity ratio to nearly 14.00 percent.

In December 2012, the bank had $224 million in assets and $189 million in deposits. Assets now total $1.40 billion and deposits have grown to $1.26 billion. This growth has been at a very measured pace and much of this has been the result of customer and shareholder referrals.

Our stated exit strategy is: there is none. We do not consider a bank to be a commodity, oil & gas property, or a piece of realty to be frequently exchanged for profit. Rather, we feel a bank is a utility to the free enterprise system, and thus to frequently trade it is not in the best interest of the banking system or customers.

At BTH Bank, we endeavor to provide professional, CUSTOMER BENEFICIAL and friendly banking service at consistently fair and reasonable rates. We strive each day and on each banking transaction/service to treat others as we would want to be treated.