Cash Management

Give your business time and control with BTH Bank cash management services. Enjoy the flexibility of managing your payroll, ACH origination, and more from the convenience of your desk—saving you precious time in the process.

With streamlined recordkeeping, you cut down on errors in accounting. You can even detect fraudulent outgoing checks before they occur. Choose the service that offers so much but requires so little—cash management.

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  • Make and receive payments electronically and reduce the cost of checks
  • Deposit employee payroll directly
  • Ensure timely payments and collections
  • Receive electronic ACH notifications
  • Submit tax payments (EFTPS) online
Positive Pay

Prevent fraud by identifying unauthorized checks before they post to your account with this free and easy-to-use service.

  • Stay one-step ahead of check fraud
  • Available and free to all commercial customers
  • Upload your check register and verify checks as they clear your account
  • Instantly validate checks originated from your business.
Wire Transfers

Make same-day domestic and international transfers.

  • Submit transfers at your convenience
  • Enjoy extended wire cut-off times
  • Eliminate call-backs
Cash Management