Do You Kasasa?

Do You Kasasa®?

Kasasa is a whole new way to bank. The money you deposit in your Kasasa account is circulated back into the community to help local small businesses and other local citizens. You help take care of the community, and in turn, the money comes back to you in the form of rewards for simple, everyday banking activities that make your life easier.

Some of these cutting-edge Kasasa products that reward you include:

Kasasa Cash®– Enjoy free checking that pays . Earn massive interest and nationwide ATM fee refunds for simple banking activities that also make your life easier.

Kasasa Tunes® –Make your money and ears happy with Kasasa Tunes. Earn up to $25 in nationwide ATM fee refunds every month on top of already-free checking. Plus, you can earn iTunes® or® download credits monthly.

Kasasa 360®-- Control your entire financial life in one convenient place. Access deposit accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more—all in one convenient dashboard. You even have access to your very own personalized budgeting tool, helping you stay on track financially.